The Restless Cabal Strategy Guide in Crucible of Storms Raid

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General Information

Welcome to our encounter guide for The Restless Cabal in the Crucible of Storms raid. Here, you will first find a quick breakdown by role following by a detailed strategy to defeat The Restless Cabal.

1. Disclaimer

All the information contained on this page can change drastically prior to the raid release. The abilities currently listed are based on information that is available in the live and PTR dungeon journals, as well as limited PTR testing. The raid will release on 16th April, 2019, after the release of Patch 8.1.5.

2. Fight Overview

This fight will feature "phases" that are based on which relic is currently active and which boss is holding which. The raid will have to plan on the order that they wish to take the relics in, otherwise a bad combination could lead to a quick wipe.

3. The Restless Cabal Shared Abilities

The following abilities are general abilities that are used and shared by both bosses. The NPC-specific abilities are listed underneath this section.

3.1. Relics of Power

The Relics of Power each have a set of effects that change the fight and allow certain abilities to be used by the bosses. If a specific relic is used more than once by each boss, they will deal 300% increased damage, due to Power Overwhelming Icon Power Overwhelming.

There are three relics available in the fight and they are as follows:

  • Void Stone
  • Trident of Deep Ocean
  • Tempest Caller

The two bosses will each use the relic closest to them at 75%, 50% and 25% health remaining. As soon as a relic is activated, the boss will gain a 10% increase to their damage done.

3.1.1. Void Stone

Upon use of the relic, the boss will gain two effects, Embrace of the Void Icon Embrace of the Void and Umbral Shell Icon Umbral Shell. The first effect, Embrace of the Void, will reduce all healing by 100%, but can be removed by breaking Umbral Shell, which is an absorb that is placed on the boss.

3.1.2. Trident of Deep Ocean

The trident grants both bosses a shield through the buff Custody of the Deep Icon Custody of the Deep, which redirects 75% of the damage dealt to them to a bubble. If not enough damage is dealt to break the bubble, then it will cause Abyssal Collapse Icon Abyssal Collapse, which deals Frost damage to the raid based on the amount of shield remaining.

3.1.3. Tempest Caller

Tempest Caller is the most deadly of the three relics, mostly due to Annihilate Icon Annihilate, which causes Storm of Annihilation Icon Storm of Annihilation to instantly kill any target struck while below 25% health.

The Storm will deal damage every second for 15 seconds, while also causing players to deal 50% less damage for 3 seconds.

3.2. Pact of the Restless

Upon reaching 1 health, the bosses will attempt to heal back up to 20% of their maximum health. In order to prevent this, both bosses must be brought to 1 health at the same time to defeat them.

3.3. Enveloping Darkness

If you step off the central platform, you will take Shadow damage and have your healing and damage done reduced by 99%, for 30 seconds.

4. Zaxasj the Speaker Abilities

4.1. Aphotic Blast

This ability launches a bolt at a player, dealing Shadow damage in a 5-yard radius and causing those hit to generate 150% more threat for 30 seconds. As the distance between the boss and the target increases, the damage decreases.

Once Aphotic Blast Icon Aphotic Blast expires, the target will be turned into an Agent of Demise Icon Agent of Demise, causing them to be hostile to all allies and reducing the amount of healing they receive by 50%.

4.2. Cerebral Assault

Zaxasj deals Shadow damage in a frontal cone, causing any player hit to be hostile to allies for 6 seconds.

4.3. Dark Herald

A player becomes a Dark Herald Icon Dark Herald, causing them to cast Promises of Power Icon Promises of Power on players in a 5-yard radius, every 5 seconds for 10 seconds.

4.3.1. Promises of Power

Promises of Power Icon Promises of Power is a stacking buff that increases damage dealt by the affected target by 10% for each stack, but decreases their maximum health by 10% for each stack. If Promises is dispelled, the dispeller will receive Shadow damage upon removing the debuff.

4.4. Visage from Beyond

When a Relic of Power is activated by Zaxasj, he will create a Visage from Beyond Icon Visage from Beyond, which lasts for 3 minutes. The Visage is unkillable and will always regenerate its health upon reaching 1 health, but it must be "killed" in order to prevent Terrifying Echo Icon Terrifying Echo from being cast. This spell, when completed, will cause all players to take Shadow damage and be feared for 6 seconds.

The Visage will heal over time with Coalesce Void Icon Coalesce Void. This heals for 1% of their maximum health each 2 seconds, with the healing getting stronger over time, as they survive for longer.

5. Fa'thuul the Feared Abilities

5.1. Shear Mind

Fa'thuul will deal a large amount of Physical damage to the current target and put a debuff on them, reducing their stats by 10% for each stack, for 20 seconds. This debuff will stack. When Shear Mind Icon Shear Mind hits, it will trigger Severed Anguish Icon Severed Anguish. This will cause an add to spawn, which deals Shadow damage to the target.

5.1.1. Manifestation of Anguish

The Manifestation casts Devour Thoughts Icon Devour Thoughts to deal Shadow damage to the current target. If this is cast on a target that is currently affected by Shear Mind Icon Shear Mind, the Manifestation will be healed to full health.

If a Manifestation already exists when Shear Mind Icon Shear Mind hits, it will be given 15% increased damage and movement speed, which does keep stacking.

5.2. Void Crash

This ability will launch a ball at a location that deals Shadow damage in a 10-yard radius. If nobody is hit by Void Crash Icon Void Crash, it will launch again to a new location and have its size and damage dealt reduced. The reduction can only happen for 2 additional bounces, at which point it must be soaked.

5.3. Crushing Doubt

This will place a DoT on a target, dealing Shadow damage every 2 seconds for 12 seconds. The damage will continue to increase after each tick, as well as reducing the target's movement speed by 50%.

Once Crushing Doubt Icon Crushing Doubt expires, it will trigger Mental Anguish Icon Mental Anguish.

5.3.1. Mental Anguish

This causes the target of Crushing Doubt Icon Crushing Doubt to explode for a large amount of Shadow damage, once the DoT expires. The damage dealt to all players is reduced, depending on the distance between the target and the other players.

5.4. Eldritch Revelation

When a Relic of Power is activated by Fa'thuul, he will summon multiple adds. They will cast Witness the End Icon Witness the End, which destroys themselves, causing a large amount of Shadow damage to all players. When hit by this, players will also take 100% more damage from Witness the End for 12 seconds.

6. Strategy

This section will be updated closer to the release of the raid.

7. Changelog

  • 09 Mar. 2019: Updated ability values, names and information based on live information.
  • 23 Oct. 2018: Guide added.
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