Outlaw Rogue Patch 9.2 Changes Analysis and Tier Set Thoughts

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On this page, we tell you how the Patch 9.2 changes for Outlaw Rogue affect the spec and what the current state of theorycrafting is.


Outlaw Rogue in Patch 9.2: Eternity's End

Patch 9.2, Eternity's End, will be the final content-patch for the Shadowlands Expansion, and will have major effects on how you play your Outlaw Rogue, as it will allow for using two Legendaries and hails the return of set bonuses for each Specialization. This page will not only detail the changes and improvements made to the Spec, but also go into detail about how these changes affect our choices when it comes to picking our Covenants, Legendaries, or affecting our rotational gameplay.

If you are interested in a more comprehensive list of changes for Rogue or the game in general, you can check out our 9.2 Overview Pages as well.


Base Spec Changes for Patch 9.2

As it stands, Outlaw Rogue's core tool kit has not been changed at all.


Outlaw Rogue Talent Changes in Patch 9.2

There have been no changes to any Outlaw Rogue talents either. The ability to run two Legendaries and the new set bonuses, as well as having a new set of raid encounters and a fresh Mythic+ seasonal affix might change our talent choice as we tackle the new content of Eternity's End.


Outlaw Rogue Tier Set in Patch 9.2

The new raid, Sepulcher of the First Ones, will finally see a return of class and specialization based set bonuses. These are 5 pieces of equipment you can acquire, which will grant additional bonuses once you wear at least 2 of them at the same time. For Outlaw Rogue, these bonuses currently are:


Outlaw Rogue Tier Set Thoughts

Both bonuses focus on the core class fantasy of Outlaw Rogue as a gun-slinging spec, further boosting damage dealt by abilities that can be cast from range. As Outlaw is already a very fast-paced spec that requires the player to quickly change rotational priorities based on procs and rolls from your Roll the Bones Icon Roll the Bones, these proc-based set bonuses will further increase the challenge and reward of mastering the Outlaw Rogue rotation.

It is important to note that the Pistol Shot Icon Pistol Shot procs of the 2-piece bonus will generate extra Combo Points without using up potential Opportunity Icon Opportunity procs or buffs granted by some of our Legendary Powers. Dealing with these procs will be quite awkward at first, as you might be spell-queuing another ability already right as you gain another Combo Point from the set bonus. This might lead to unwanted overcapping of Combo Points, which could be somewhat frustrating whenever it happens. The DPS implications of the 2-set are very powerful, however, so it is easy to forget about these short moments of frustration as the increased amount of Combo Points works very well with the already high amount of CP generated that we can use to reduce all of our abilities cooldowns through Restless Blades Icon Restless Blades.

The 4-piece bonus, besides just dealing damage whenever it happens, will further improve our ability to reduce our cooldowns as the 6-Combo Point Between the Eyes Icon Between the Eyes works just like a self-cast one. This increases the usefulness of some of our Legendaries, in particular Greenskin's Wickers Icon Greenskin's Wickers, but ultimately Celerity Icon Celerity is still stronger in most cases. It will also further boost the uptime of your Between the Eyes Icon Between the Eyes debuff on your main-target, but since it is already very high the benefit from the added uptime is very minor.

As it stands, both bonuses are fairly powerful, but do not manage to make up for the quite drastic loss of DPS Outlaw has to worry about when considering the loss of Domination Sockets, since Winds of Winter Icon Winds of Winter used to deal a large chunk of our damage in the old raid environment.


Covenant Changes in Patch 9.2 for Outlaw Rogue

There have been no Covenant Changes for Outlaw Rogues. Due to both the set bonuses as well as the ability to run two Legendaries, with one of them needing to be the one affecting your Covenant ability, we have gained another Covenant Choice with Venthyr.

While Conduits will be unlocking their final few ranks, this will not alter gameplay in any substantial way.


Legendary Changes in Patch 9.2 for Outlaw Rogue

In Patch 9.1 every class received a new Legendary that altered or improved the functionality of the class-specific Covenant abilities in some way. The individual benefits of each of them is outlined on our Legendary Page:

In Patch 9.2, Eternity's End, you will be able to equip your Covenant-specific Legendary as well as another Legendary of your choosing. Combining this benefit with the set bonuses might lead to a shift in how we pick and choose our Legendaries and Covenant.

This change to our gearing choices comes at a cost, however, in particular for Necrolord Rogues. As the Deathspike Icon Deathspike Legendary Power has almost no benefit at all on single-target, it is unlikely it will be viable for that encounter-type in its current state. So far, all Covenants were very close to each other in raw performance on single-target for most of Shadowlands, due to the weakness of Deathspike Icon Deathspike, Necrolord will be almost unplayable in any pure single-target environment. With Night Fae already being very far behind Kyrian and Venthyr, this will add another "unplayable" Covenant to the list.


Double Legendary/Covenant Combinations

With the release of Patch 9.2, we have gained 2 viable Covenant choices: Venthyr and Kyrian. While Venthyr are the strongest on pure single-target, Kyrian is a bit more flexible and powerful in AoE.

Both Covenants will be running Invigorating Shadowdust Icon Invigorating Shadowdust as their second Legendary, as it adds further Cooldown reduction to the already short CDs of Flagellation Icon Flagellation or Echoing Reprimand Icon Echoing Reprimand.

Resounding Clarity Icon Resounding Clarity is still very strong and synergizes very well with the Outlaw toolkit, in particular the high amounts of cooldown reduction it provides through Restless Blades Icon Restless Blades. While it might be a bit more awkward to hit the right amount of Combo Points due to the 2-piece bonus generating additional CP at random intervals, neither Necrolord nor Night Fae are going to be alternatives unless their Covenant-specific Legendaries receive some buffs or get reworked entirely.

Venthyr and Obedience Icon Obedience are coming in strong this time, largely due to the synergy between Dreadblades Icon Dreadblades, Deeper Stratagem Icon Deeper Stratagem and Invigorating Shadowdust Icon Invigorating Shadowdust. You will get a lot of cooldown reduction on your Flagellation Icon Flagellation, which is further boosted by frequent Vanish Icon Vanish casts, and Invigorating Shadowdust further reduces your Cooldowns.



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