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This guide will walk you through some of the most useful addons, macros, resources, tips and tricks for Mythic+, in Dragonflight Season 4.


Mythic+ Tips Overview

This guide will break down ways to improve your experience in Mythic Plus, roughly in the order you would expect to encounter them when engaging with this content. :



One of the most important aspects of Mythic+ is having a great overview and general understanding of the game, which can be enhanced by having several highly-important Addons. Below, you can find an example of MUST to have Add-on:


Weakauras (WA)

Weakauras, often referred to as "WA", is the most important Addon implemented within the game. Nearly every player, regardless of the content they are interested in, should have this Addon installed. If you have never seen or know exactly what the purpose of the Addon is, here is a small sample of what it is capable of:



Macros are commonly used within the World of Warcraft community to help you simplify a complex sequence of spells by using a singular button for two or more actions at the same time. Below, you can see the most essential Macro regardless of your specialization or role, premade or pug Mythic+ group:


Focus Interrupt Macro

  • /focus [@mouseover]
  • /cast [@focus,exists,nodead]{ability}

A Focus-interrupt Macro is essentially the "Holy Grail" of all macros in Mythic+. I highly recommend using one if you are not already doing so. The first part of the above Macro will set your focus on the enemy you are mousing over — I usually have this action bound to my mouse wheel. Then, the second part of the Macro casts whatever ability you would like on the focused target without actually targeting them. As this Macro is meant to be used for interrupting, you should substitute "{ability}" with your class-specific-interrupt ability, such as Shaman's "Wind Shear Icon Wind Shear".


All Patch 10.2 Mythic+ Tips

Below, you will find links to our Mythic+ pages for each class.



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