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General Information

Covenants, Soulbinds, and Conduits are the most important character customization options in Shadowlands. They have a substantial impact on your toolkit and performance as Vengeance Demon Hunter. This page's purpose is to help you pick the right options according to the content you intend to do in Shadowlands.


Dragonflight Disclaimer

Please be aware that as of the Dragonflight Pre-Patch and Dragonflight expansion, all Covenant abilities, Soulbinds, and Conduits will only function while within the Shadowlands. This page will temporarily remain as a reference.


Introduction: Prerequisites

This page assumes that you are already familiar with Covenants, Soulbinds, and Conduits. If that is not the case, we have a number of pages that can help you get up to speed:

  • Covenants Guide, which explains what Covenants are, what perks they bring, and how you can join one;
  • Demon Hunter Covenant Abilities, which lists all the abilities that Demon Hunters gain by joining each Covenant;
  • How To Change Covenant?, which tells you how you can switch Covenant (rejoining a former Covenant will require you to perform a number of tasks to regain their trusts);
  • General Soulbind Guide, which explains what Soulbinds are and how you can pledge yourself to them to open up their Soulbind tree;
  • Demon Hunter Conduits, which lists all of the Conduits available to Demon Hunters.

Best Covenant / Soulbind for Vengeance Demon Hunters

Focus Covenant Soulbind Recommended Tree
Kyrian Forgelite Prime Mikanikos Mikanikos Tree
Kyrian Forgelite Prime Mikanikos Mikanikos Tree

Kyrian is the strongest Covenant for Vengeance Demon Hunter in all content.

For more information about Vengeance Demon Hunter Covenants, please read our Covenants and Soulbinds analysis section at the end of this page.


Best Conduits for Vengeance Demon Hunter

We are giving more detailed information on Conduits below. For a complete overview, you can visit our Demon Hunter Conduits list.

  • Best Potency Conduits: the Covenant-specific Conduits (Repeat Decree Icon Repeat Decree, Increased Scrutiny Icon Increased Scrutiny, Unnatural Malice Icon Unnatural Malice, or Brooding Pool Icon Brooding Pool) are a must-pick and Growing Inferno Icon Growing Inferno should be the second choice for any additional Potency slots.
  • Best Endurance Conduits: Fel Defender Icon Fel Defender lowers the cooldown of Fel Devastation Icon Fel Devastation. This Conduit is an all-around large survival boost that should be used in all content. Shattered Restoration Icon Shattered Restoration provides a passive increase to the healing from your Soul Fragments. Condensed Anima Sphere Icon Condensed Anima Sphere provides additional healing by taking damage every 10 seconds.
  • Best Finesse Conduits: the Conduits are niche to specific situations but the best generic Conduit is Felfire Haste Icon Felfire Haste. Ravenous Consumption Icon Ravenous Consumption is a decent choice in PvP or dungeons that require multiple purges.

Vengeance Demon Hunter Conduits

Conduits provide the same benefit regardless of Covenant choice. They can only be used once per Soulbind but you are able to have them in every Soulbind. For instance, Viscous Ink Icon Viscous Ink can be used with Kleia and Pelagos at the same time. Potency and Endurance Conduits should be chosen over Finesse Conduits when there is a choice.


Vengeance Demon Hunter Potency Conduits

  1. Repeat Decree Icon Repeat Decree is the best Conduit for Kyrian Covenant and should always be picked. Elysian Decree Icon Elysian Decree will echo the sigil after 1 second for an additional 15% damage.
  2. Growing Inferno Icon Growing Inferno is our next-best Conduit. Immolation Aura Icon Immolation Aura damage is increased by a percentage (starting at 10% at rank 1) by each additional tick.
  3. Soul Furnace Icon Soul Furnace increases your next Soul Cleave Icon Soul Cleave's damage by an additional 30% after consuming 10 souls at rank 1. This Conduit is generally the third-best Potency Conduit for raid but underwhelming in Mythic+ content.
  4. Increased Scrutiny Icon Increased Scrutiny reduces the cooldown of Sinful Brand Icon Sinful Brand. Rank 1 starts at 5 seconds. Sinful Brand is a very strong damage cooldown for the Venthyr Covenant.
  5. Unnatural Malice Icon Unnatural Malice increases the damage-over-time portion of the Night Fae ability The Hunt Icon The Hunt by 25% at rank 1.
  6. Brooding Pool Icon Brooding Pool increases the duration of the Necrolord ability Fodder to the Flame Icon Fodder to the Flame by 1 second at rank 1. At max rank, the 13-second increased duration turns Fodder to the Flame into a decent defensive cooldown.
  7. Adaptive Armor Fragment Icon Adaptive Armor Fragment provides a consistent Agility boost with a 50% uptime. This is a decent passive Conduit for the third Potency Conduit.

Vengeance Demon Hunter Endurance Conduits

  1. Fel Defender Icon Fel Defender lowers the cooldown of Fel Devastation Icon Fel Devastation by 5 seconds at rank 1. This Conduit becomes mandatory for all content.
  2. Condensed Anima Sphere Icon Condensed Anima Sphere provides a large amount of healing passively and is a solid second choice of Endurance Conduit.
  3. Shattered Restoration Icon Shattered Restoration provides additional healing for each soul fragment. This gives a passive healing increase which gives a decent overall boost to survivability.
  4. Viscous Ink Icon Viscous Ink increases magic damage reduction additively with rank 1 being 6%. Vengeance has a based magic damage reduction of 20% and rank 1 Conduit pushes this to 26%. This is a pretty niche Conduit but it allows Vengeance to be highly effective against high magic damage fights.
  5. Demon Muzzle Icon Demon Muzzle lowers the magic damage received by 5% for 8 seconds at rank 1 by enemies that were affected by Sigil of Silence Icon Sigil of Silence once the sigil wears off. Even used optimally this Conduit underperforms in all types of content when compared to the above Conduits. Only use this Conduit if you are missing the other better Conduits.
  6. Roaring Fire Icon Roaring Fire increases healing by up to 30% for rank 1 of Fel Devastation Icon Fel Devastation based on missing health. This Conduit is bad. The healing of Fel Devastation is already low and the Demonic Icon Demonic talent should be used to trigger Metamorphosis Icon Metamorphosis, which makes this Conduit worse.

Vengeance Demon Hunter Finesse Conduits

  1. Felfire Haste Icon Felfire Haste is the best generic Finesse Conduit. Infernal Strike Icon Infernal Strike increases movement speed by 5% at rank 1 for 8 seconds. This provides a small improvement to mobility in all situations.
  2. Ravenous Consumption Icon Ravenous Consumption has a 15% chance at rank 1 for Consume Magic Icon Consume Magic to remove a second Magic effect from the target. This is a great Conduit for PvP or content that requires multiple purges. The only downside is the low chance of the second purge triggering.
  3. Lost in Darkness Icon Lost in Darkness allows for Spectral Sight Icon Spectral Sight to last an additional 3 seconds at rank 1 if disrupted by attacking or taking damage. This Conduit can be used in PvP to detect Rogues, Druids, or Mages in stealth/invisibility despite taking damage.
  4. Demonic Parole Icon Demonic Parole reduces the speed of enemies by 50% after leaving Imprison Icon Imprison by 5 seconds at rank 1 up to 20 seconds at max rank. This Conduit is very niche. It can be used well in PvP or in PvE content where a single enemy needs to be kited for a long period of time.

Vengeance Demon Hunter Covenant Analysis

All Covenants are viable for all content but the damage from Elysian Decree Icon Elysian Decree and the utility from Phial of Serenity Icon Phial of Serenity provides more benefit than every other Covenant. Unfortunately, it will be viewed as a detrimental to any Vengeance that does not take Kyrian. Venthyr is not too far behind and is a smart choice for players who constantly swap between Havoc and Vengeance but Kyrian is needed for min/maxing. Night Fae and Necrolord is not recommended in most situations.


Covenant Class and Signature Abilities

  • Kyrian provides Elysian Decree Icon Elysian Decree as the Covenant ability that places a Kyrian Sigil on the ground that detonates for Arcane damage after 2 seconds spawning 3 souls. Elysian Decree will hit a second time after 1 second if the Repeat Decree Icon Repeat Decree Conduit is being used. This ability provides a large amount of damage. It is soft capped at 5 targets with fall off damage to any enemies over 5. Additionally, Summon Steward Icon Summon Steward will summon a NPC with various menu options but most important provides a Phial of Serenity Icon Phial of Serenity. Phial restores 20% health and removes all diseases, poisons, curses and bleeds on a 3-minute cooldown.
  • Venthyr provides Sinful Brand Icon Sinful Brand as the Covenant ability, which marks an enemy inflicting shadow damage over 8 seconds and reducing the enemy's cast and melee speeds by 30%. Activating Metamorphosis Icon Metamorphosis will apply Sinful Brand to all targets. Note that the Demonic Icon Demonic talent does not trigger this AoE spread, which means the AoE portion is on a 3-minute cooldown. The defensive portion of Sinful Brand is negligible. It will prevent 1 cast or 1 melee swing during the duration at most. Additionally, Venthyr has the Door of Shadows Icon Door of Shadows ability that will travel to a location within 35 yards on a 1-minute cooldown. Door of Shadows has a 1.5 second cast time. Vengeance has high mobility with Infernal Strike Icon Infernal Strike that is off the GCD and instant so Door of Shadows is a niche ability that would not see much use.
  • Necrolord provides the Fodder to the Flame Icon Fodder to the Flame ability, which calls forth a demon for 25 seconds. Throw Glaive Icon Throw Glaive deals lethal damage to the demon and makes it explode, dealing damage to nearby enemies and healing the player for 30% of their Maximum Health. Damage is reduced beyond 5 targets hits. Additionally, Necrolord provides Fleshcraft Icon Fleshcraft which is a 3-second channel for a shield of 40% of the player's Maximum Health for 2 minutes on a 2-minute cooldown. Walking near an enemy's corpse you helped kill will decrease the cooldown by 1 second. Channeling will also reduce your damage taken by 20% which can be used to mitigate strong enemy abilities. In raids, Fleshcraft can be used while off-tanking to have a shield ready for when you start tanking again, or as a 20% damage reduction to a dangerous ability when you are lacking any other means to mitigate it.
  • Night Fae provides the The Hunt Icon The Hunt ability that will charge an enemy, causing Nature damage, rooting them in place, and dealing additional nature damage over 6 seconds up to 5 targets in the path of the charge. The Hunt is kind of a mix between a charge and a leap ability. The player will charge the target selected but the hit box is like a leap reticle on determining what enemies to damage. This means that if the targets are moving slightly as the charge happens, then they may move out of the damage area and receive no damage. The coding for this ability is hit or miss. If the hit area is recoded in a future patch, this ability would work well in PvP on targets trying to run away. Additionally, Night Fae provides the Soulshape Icon Soulshape ability, which turns the player into a Vulpin for 12 seconds, teleporting them forward 15 yards, and increasing movement speed by 50%. Reactivating Soulshape every few seconds will teleport the player 15 yards. This lasts indefinitely in rested areas. Vengeance with Infernal Strike Icon Infernal Strike does not need more mobility in most situations. This is a niche ability at best.

To summarize, Kyrian is the best pick in all situations except for serious PvP or single-target damage. It provides the highest source of overall damage for Vengeance and massive utility with Phial of Serenity Icon Phial of Serenity. Venthyr can work well for players who are looking to play both Havoc and Vengeance regularly. Assuming The Hunt Icon The Hunt's hit detection is improved, Night Fae is a decent choice for the PvP utility and overall single-target damage. Necrolord should only be picked for niche situations that requires the player to be as defensive as possible. This is not needed in most situations and is not recommended.


Understanding Renown

Renown is earned weekly from a set of quests and it is used to unlock tiers in the Soulbind trees. It is also used to unlock the third Soulbind for each covenant. These quests are extremely important to do every week. If a week is missed, there is a catch up mechanic in place to help the player get caught up to the current max rank.


Kyrian Vengeance Demon Hunter Soulbinds

Forgelite Prime Mikanikos is considered the best Soulbind for Vengeance once the soulbind is maxed out. This is due to Effusive Anima Accelerator Icon Effusive Anima Accelerator lowering the cooldown of Elysian Decree Icon Elysian Decree by an additional amount for each target hit and provides additional damage when Elysian Decree is cast on the target location. Soulglow Spectrometer Icon Soulglow Spectrometer provides a passive damage boost on a target over time by stacking 1% additional damage. This effect can only occur on 1 target at a time and lasts for 15 seconds. Hammer of Genesis Icon Hammer of Genesis provides 3% Haste for 10 seconds up to 5 stacks based on each new additional target attacked. This allows 15% additional haste when pulling a group of 5 or more enemies.

Pelagos is considered the best early Soulbind for Vengeance due to gaining access to 3 Potency Conduits and 3 Endurance Conduits. This allows stacking the best conduits and dodging all Finesse Conduits. Patch 9.1 introduced the Better Together Icon Better Together trait, which increases the player's Mastery and allows the tank to provide a Mastery buff to any players that move near them. Additionally, Newfound Resolve Icon Newfound Resolve provides Agility and Stamina if the player faces the Manifestation of Doubt when it spawns. Once Mikanikos is maxed out, you should switch soulbinds in all content.

Kleia is a solid choice as the Soulbind for Vengeance due to Valiant Strikes Icon Valiant Strikes providing decent healing, Ascendant Phial Icon Ascendant Phial working as an immunity, Cleansing Rites Icon Cleansing Rites providing a shield for each pull, and Bearer's Pursuit Icon Bearer's Pursuit providing a slow for times where kiting is needed. The new traits added in 9.1 provide additional DPS potential with Light the Path Icon Light the Path, which provides additional critical strike when Valiant strikes heals an ally, and Spear of the Archon Icon Spear of the Archon which provides an almost permanent critical strike buff when the enemy has high health.


Vengeance Demon hunter Mikanikos Soulbind

We suggest following this path:


Vengeance Demon Hunter Pelagos Soulbind

We suggest following this path:


Vengeance Demon Hunter Kleia Soulbind

We suggest following this path:


Necrolord Vengeance Demon Hunter Soulbinds

Emeni's Lead by Example Icon Lead by Example is the only reason to choose this Soulbind due to buffing your agility by 5% and your partys main stat by 2% for 10 seconds. This increases by an additional 2% for each party member affected.

Plague Deviser Marileth provides some survivability with Ooz's Frictionless Coating Icon Ooz's Frictionless Coating by gaining a 15% max health shield when health is reduced below 50%. As a tank, this will be triggering almost on cooldown.

Bonesmith Heirmir is not very good for Vengeance.


Vengeance Demon Hunter Emeni Soulbind

We suggest following this path:


Vengeance Demon hunter Marileth Soulbind

We suggest following this path:


Vengeance Demon hunter Heirmir Soulbind

We suggest following this path:


Venthyr Vengeance Demon Hunter Soulbinds

Nadjia the Mistblade's Thrill Seeker Icon Thrill Seeker gives a 20% Haste buff every 80 seconds during a boss encounter or more often in Mythic+ or boss fights with adds based on enemies dying. Nothing else is very appealing and you are forced to take a Finesse Conduit.

Theotar the Mad Duke's Refined Palate Icon Refined Palate is strong by increasing the duration of combat potions by 100% to 200%, which is fantastic in all situations. This Soulbind also allows for 3 Endurance Conduits. Soothing Shade Icon Soothing Shade is unfortunately bad for Vengeance due to Mastery being a very weak stat.

General Draven's Service In Stone Icon Service In Stone loses some of the power as a tank because if the tank dies in a raid or Mythic+, it normally results in a wipe. There are times where this could be useful in raids. Hold Your Ground Icon Hold Your Ground is a nice passive buff to Stamina and healing if you are able to stand still for at least 4 seconds.


Vengeance Demon Hunter Nadjia Soulbind

We suggest following this path:


Vengeance Demon Hunter Theotar Soulbind

We suggest following this path:


Vengeance Demon Hunter Draven Soulbind

We suggest following this path:


Night Fae Vengeance Demon Hunter Soulbinds

Dreamweaver's Podtender Icon Podtender loses value as a tank since all threat is lost upon death and will normally result in a wipe in Mythic+. This could save a raid encounter if your co-tank is able to hold the enemies as you regenerate over 10 seconds. Social Butterfly Icon Social Butterfly is a nice passive Versatility boost when doing party content. Lastly, Field of Blossoms Icon Field of Blossoms provides a decent Haste buff every 1.5 minutes after using The Hunt Icon The Hunt.

Niya's Grove Invigoration Icon Grove Invigoration is weak for Vengeance due to Mastery being a weak stat. Run Without Tiring Icon Run Without Tiring can provide niche healing in raid when the co-tank taunts or in solo content. You are forced to take a Finesse Conduit.

Korayn is good in Mythic+ or any fight boss with frequent add spawns that lets you refresh First Strike Icon First Strike.


Vengeance Demon Hunter Dreamweaver Soulbind

We suggest following this path:


Vengeance Demon Hunter Niya Soulbind

We suggest following this path:


Vengeance Demon Hunter Korayn Soulbind

We suggest following this path:


All Kyrian soulbinds provide a bonus in one area or another and a use case can be argued for any of them. Forgelite Prime Mikanikos is best in all content currently. Pelagos is the best early game Soulbind until Mikanikos is capped. Kleia provides Critical Strike, shields, and healing.



  • 24 Oct. 2022: Updated for Dragonflight Pre-Patch.
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