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General Information

Covenants, Soulbinds, and Conduits are the most important character customization options in Shadowlands. They have a substantial impact on your toolkit and performance as Holy Priest. This page's purpose is to help you pick the right options according to the content you intend to do in Shadowlands.


Dragonflight Disclaimer

Please be aware that as of the Dragonflight Pre-Patch and Dragonflight expansion, all Covenant abilities, Soulbinds, and Conduits will only function while within the Shadowlands. This page will temporarily remain as a reference.


Introduction: Prerequisites

This page assumes that you are already familiar with Covenants, Soulbinds, and Conduits. If that is not the case, we have a number of pages that can help you get up to speed:

  • Covenants Guide, which explains what Covenants are, what perks they bring, and how you can join one;
  • Priest Covenant Abilities, which lists all the abilities that Priests gain by joining each Covenant;
  • How To Change Covenant?, which tells you how you can switch Covenant (rejoining a former Covenant will require you to perform a number of tasks to regain their trusts);
  • General Soulbind Guide, which explains what Soulbinds are and how you can pledge yourself to them to open up their Soulbind tree;
  • Priest Conduits, which lists all of the Conduits available to Priests.

Best Covenant / Soulbind for Holy Priest

Note: Our Covenant recommendations have not changed with Patch 9.2. This patch has, however, given us the opportunity to eventually use both our Covenant legendary alongside a regular legendary power, which slightly changes how the covenants compare.

Holy Priest is in a unique situation where multiple Covenants rank similarly. Night Fae, Kyrian, Necrolord and Venthyr are all currently doing quite well in both Mythic+ and Raid, with no particular one pulling ahead in performance. Since the Covenant class abilities rank so similarly, it is important to also take into account the Soulbinds and signature abilities, as they can provide extra survivability or mobility, both of which Holy Priests lack in their current toolkit. Here are some notes to help you choose the Covenant that feels best for you.



Kyrian, due to the positional requirements of Boon of the Ascended Icon Boon of the Ascended is slightly more difficult than the others to use well in a raid environment. However, it is much easier in Mythic+ and solo content. Boon not only provides good healing and damage, it also increases your movement speed and grants access to numerous instant-cast spells for its duration. The signature ability Phial of Serenity Icon Phial of Serenity provides you with a consumable similar to a Healthstone Icon Healthstone, which aids in our survivability. This is great as Holy Priest's personals are a bit lacking.



Necrolord is one of the easiest Covenant abilities to play with. Unholy Nova Icon Unholy Nova healing scales well with group size, and provides additional damage and healing when used amongst enemy targets. Fleshcraft Icon Fleshcraft can provide you with a shield every 2 minutes. This can be helpful as it gives us extra survivability.

  • Raid: Good — Unholy Nova Icon Unholy Nova is a reliable healing increase.
  • Mythic+: Good — good damage and healing from Unholy Nova Icon Unholy Nova and an very strong personal with Fleshcraft Icon Fleshcraft.

Night Fae

Night Fae with Fae Guardians Icon Fae Guardians creates 3 Faeries; each granting a different benefit. The Faeries will provide benefits to you and a select few targets, including damage reduction, Mana return, and cooldown reduction. While it may take a bit of extra work to prepare the spell, it is extremely versatile, being able to provide both damage reduction and cooldown reduction to yourself or an ally. The signature ability Soulshape Icon Soulshape provides added mobility with a short-cooldown blink and increased movement speed, which is a wonderful addition to our toolkit.



Venthyr is the weaker Covenant. It has a very straight-forward class ability. Mindgames Icon Mindgames is a short cooldown spell that you cast on an enemy, which prevents some of their upcoming damage and causes that damage to instead heal their target. The signature ability Door of Shadows Icon Door of Shadows gives us a teleport on a short cast time, which is a welcome addition to our limited number of movement related abilities.

Depending on the Covenant choice you make, there will be an appropriate Soulbind to suit the content you plan on doing. Further down in in our Holy Priest Covenant Deep-dive we discuss the Soulbind and Conduit options, and how to make the most of your chosen Covenant.


Best Soulbinds for Holy Priest

Below is a summary of the best Soulbinds for each Covenant. For a more detailed look into each Soulbind and their strengths and weaknesses check out our Holy Priest Covenant Deep-dive section.

Covenant Soulbind Recommended Tree
Kyrian Kleia (raid) / Forgelite Prime Mikanikos (Mythic+) Kleia Tree (raid) / Mikanikos Tree (Mythic+)
Necrolord Emeni Emeni Tree
Night Fae Dreamweaver Dreamweaver Tree
Venthyr Theotar the Mad Duke Theotar Tree

Best Conduits for Holy Priest

This is a quick summary of the more powerful Conduits of each type. For more detail on each of the Conduits and discussion on their optimal usage continue reading further down the guide. Refer to our Priest Conduits list if you want to see all Priest Conduits.


Holy Priest Conduits

Regardless of which Covenant you pick, you will be able to gather and use the same Conduits, with the notable exception of the Potency Conduit that enhances your Covenant class ability.

While you are often given a choice between Conduit types when selecting a path through a Soulbind tree, Potency Conduits are the best healing increases. Resonant Words Icon Resonant Words, followed closely behind by Holy Oration Icon Holy Oration, and the Covenant-specific Conduits Courageous Ascension Icon Courageous Ascension and Shattered Perceptions Icon Shattered Perceptions provide the most healing throughput in both raid and Mythic+.

Below is a complete list of all available Conduits, ordered by perceived power and accompanied by an explanation on their place in the list.


Holy Priest Potency Conduits

Two of these can (and generally should) be chosen once you unlock their slots at your chosen Soulbind. By order of preference:

  1. Resonant Words Icon Resonant Words is our best Conduit, providing a frequent healing increase to our main single-target healing spells, Heal Icon Heal and Flash Heal Icon Flash Heal. The only caveat to keep in mind is that casting a Holy Word with the Resonant Words buff active will over-write the buff, effectively losing one potential buffed Heal or Flash Heal cast each time this happens.
  2. Holy Oration Icon Holy Oration is a reliable but very small boost to our Holy Word cooldown reduction. As with anything that enhances our Holy Word usage, it remains vital you keep your Holy Words on cooldown as often as practical to maximise the potential benefit of this Conduit.
  3. Courageous Ascension Icon Courageous Ascension and Shattered Perceptions Icon Shattered Perceptions are the Covenant Conduits for Kyrian and Venthyr. Both of these provide a solid and simple healing increase to their respective Covenant class ability.
  4. Focused Mending Icon Focused Mending is another very reliable but small healing increase, particularly if you are good at keeping Prayer of Mending Icon Prayer of Mending on cooldown.
  5. Festering Transfusion Icon Festering Transfusion, the Covenant Conduit for Necrolord, increases the amount of damage and healing the DoT provides by a small amount.
  6. Lasting Spirit Icon Lasting Spirit is a sizable bonus to Guardian Spirit Icon Guardian Spirit and pairs well with the Guardian Angel Icon Guardian Angel talent, especially when cast on tanks in both raid and Mythic+.
  7. Fae Fermata Icon Fae Fermata, the Covenant Conduit for Night Fae, provides a minor increase to Fae Guardians Icon Fae Guardians benefits in situations they will be frequently swapping targets. A short-duration copy is left on the most recent target and applies a portion of the benefit the regular faerie does.

Holy Priest Endurance Conduits

Our Endurance Conduits are quite clear cut in terms of priority:

  1. Translucent Image Icon Translucent Image turns Fade Icon Fade into an on-demand damage reduction defensive ability making it strong in all content types.
  2. Condensed Anima Sphere Icon Condensed Anima Sphere is a steady amount of incoming healing over the course of an encounter.
  3. Light's Inspiration Icon Light's Inspiration is a small addition to the healing provided by Desperate Prayer Icon Desperate Prayer.
  4. Charitable Soul Icon Charitable Soul unfortunately provides very little value due to Power Word: Shield Icon Power Word: Shield for Holy Priest being a weak spell we rarely cast.

Holy Priest Finesse Conduits

All four Finesse Conduits have some situational uses. While they are ranked in a rough priority order below, it is much more up to your personal preference which one you use.

  1. Clear Mind Icon Clear Mind grants some Mana savings to our allies and offensive dispels. This is especially potent in Mythic+ where you may be using Purify Icon Purify, Mass Dispel Icon Mass Dispel, and Dispel Magic Icon Dispel Magic much more frequently.
  2. Power Unto Others Icon Power Unto Others grants a slight boost to Power Infusion Icon Power Infusion when using it on an ally and is a solid alternative to Clear Mind Icon Clear Mind in any scenario where you are regularly using Power Infusion on someone else.
  3. Mental Recovery Icon Mental Recovery has some very niche usage, particularly for Mythic+ and Torghast.
  4. Move with Grace Icon Move with Grace providing some extra cooldown reduction on Leap of Faith Icon Leap of Faith is nice but due to how infrequently this ability is used, that additional cooldown reduction usually goes to waste.

In-depth Covenant Analysis

Holy Priest is in a fairly unique position compared to many specs in that each of the Covenants provide fairly similar overall value with no one Covenant pulling way ahead. In this section, we will dive into each of the Covenants and look at their strengths and weaknesses to help you choose and optimise each Covenant.

Below is a summary of the Covenants in alphabetical order:

  • Kyrian has Boon of the Ascended Icon Boon of the Ascended, which when cast, temporarily provides you with two new abilities. Smite Icon Smite becomes Ascended Blast Icon Ascended Blast, which provides healing through dealing damage. Boon of the Ascended itself becomes Ascended Nova Icon Ascended Nova, which does both damage and healing in a similar style to Holy Nova Icon Holy Nova. When Boon expires, you create an Ascended Eruption Icon Ascended Eruption of damage and healing, which is increased depending on your ability usage during Boon. Boon, with a well timed Ascended Eruption, can provide great damage and healing.
  • Necrolord has the slow moving and hard hitting projectile, Unholy Nova Icon Unholy Nova, which detonates at your target's location. The detonation heals nearby allies and puts a DoT on all enemies in range. The Unholy Transfusion Icon Unholy Transfusion DoT also doubles as a heal, healing allies who attack enemies with the DoT active. This also provides a solid combination of damage and healing with a very easy to use ability.
  • Venthyr hits a single target hard with Mindgames Icon Mindgames, a short cooldown with high damage and high healing effect. The damage absorb and heal combined can reduce and help smooth out a period of high damage. Mindgames has a short cooldown, allowing for more frequent casts than the other Covenant abilities.
  • Night Fae grants the unique Fae Guardians Icon Fae Guardians ability. While this ability does not provide any direct damage or healing itself, the effects it does provide through the Guardian Faerie Icon Guardian Faerie's damage reduction, Wrathful Faerie Icon Wrathful Faerie's Mana return, and the Benevolent Faerie Icon Benevolent Faerie's cooldown reduction, all enhance the throughput of you and your allies.

Like most direct healing effects, each of our Covenant abilities that provide healing also trigger Echo of Light Icon Echo of Light to provide some additional healing.

Factoring into your decision on choosing a Covenant though should not just be the Class Ability, but also their Signature Abilities and their Soulbind trees which we discuss in-depth in each Covenant deep-dive next.


Kyrian Holy Priest Deep Dive

The Class ability Boon of the Ascended Icon Boon of the Ascended, commonly referred to as just Boon, alters your gameplay slightly when cast. Upon expiring, it explodes outward from you with a powerful Ascended Eruption Icon Ascended Eruption that is buffed based on how many stacks you built up during Boon of the Ascended Icon Boon of the Ascended. During Boon you gain a movement speed increase and also get the following two abilities:

  • Ascended Blast Icon Ascended Blast replaces Smite Icon Smite. Ascended Blast is a hard hitting ability that also heals a nearby injured target for a significant amount and grants 5 stacks of Boon of the Ascended Icon Boon of the Ascended. You should aim to cast this on cooldown as much as possible.
  • Ascended Nova Icon Ascended Nova replaces Boon of the Ascended Icon Boon of the Ascended. Ascended Nova provides a small amount of healing and damage to nearby targets. Most of its strength lies in generating increased Boon of the Ascended Icon Boon of the Ascended stacks by hitting multiple enemies at once. This should be cast in between Ascended Blast Icon Ascended Blast whenever you can hit multiple enemies or allies at once.
  • Ascended Eruption Icon Ascended Eruption triggers when Boon expires. The eruption damage and healing is increased based on the number of Boon stacks you generated by casting Ascended Blast Icon Ascended Blast and Ascended Nova Icon Ascended Nova. Ideally Eruption is timed to land when allies are damaged, to provide the maximum healing benefit from Boon.

You have two goals to keep in mind when using Boon of the Ascended Icon Boon of the Ascended. First, you should aim to time Boon of the Ascended during periods of incoming group damage to get the most out of Ascended Blast Icon Ascended Blast and Ascended Nova Icon Ascended Nova. Secondly you should also aim to time the usage of Boon to get as much benefit from the Ascended Eruption Icon Ascended Eruption as possible.

While casting Ascended Blast Icon Ascended Blast on cooldown, you need to fill in the gaps with other spell casts. In situations where you are unable to get in range of multiple enemies or 6 allies to cast Ascended Nova Icon Ascended Nova , you should fill with your normal healing spells. Pay special attention to continuing to cast as many Ascended Blast Icon Ascended Blast as possible, prioritising it as soon as it comes off cooldown.

Summon Steward Icon Summon Steward is the Kyrian Signature Ability which calls a friendly NPC to your side, from which you can get a Phial of Serenity Icon Phial of Serenity. This does not share a cooldown with Healthstone Icon Healthstone and functions as an additional Healthstone style personal heal. It also removes most harmful debuffs from you when used. Overall, this is a good ability from which you can always gain some benefit, and which has a few very strong niche uses.

Kyrians also get access to special perks in the The Necrotic Wake dungeon. Using Summon Steward Icon Summon Steward near any of the Malfunctioning Goliath constructs grants each party member with Anima Exhaust Icon Anima Exhaust, increasing their AoE damage and healing.


Kyrian Holy Priest Soulbinds

While all 3 Kyrian Soulbinds have situations they are useful, the one that shines the most in the majority of raid situations is Kleia, for Mythic+ it is Mikanikos.

Kleia has relatively useful first trait in Valiant Strikes Icon Valiant Strikes, which provides priority healing to targets that need it the most, with very little overhealing. This is the best overall tree for Kyrian, especially once you have unlocked the final row of traits.

Pelagos is a solid Kyrian Soulbind with easy access to double Potency Conduit slots without having to sacrifice any performance enhancing Soulbind traits. The most useful trait in this tree is Combat Meditation Icon Combat Meditation, providing a solid Mastery increase which can be extended by walking through the Sorrowful Memories that appear nearby. Due to the increased movement speed granted by Boon of the Ascended Icon Boon of the Ascended and the long duration the Sorrowful Memory orbs remain for, it is usually quite easy to pick them all up each cast.

Finally, Forgelite Prime Mikanikos has a more defensive focus better suited for solo and 5-man content. His best trait is the first one you pick up, Bron's Call to Action Icon Bron's Call to Action, which after some time will summon Bron to help you out in combat. Effusive Anima Accelerator Icon Effusive Anima Accelerator pushes Mikanikos ahead in Mythic+, granting a significant amount of additional cooldown reduction to Boon of the Ascended Icon Boon of the Ascended when used in large packs of enemies.


Holy Priest Kleia Soulbind

Below is our chosen path and Conduits for this Soulbind:


Holy Priest Pelagos Soulbind

Below is our chosen path and Conduits for this Soulbind:


Holy Priest Mikanikos Soulbind

Below is our chosen path and Conduits for this Soulbind:

Note: An alternative to the below path is to instead take Hammer of Genesis Icon Hammer of Genesis in any environment you can reliably be hitting new targets like doing your daily quests, Torghast or Mythic+.


Necrolord Holy Priest Deep Dive

Unholy Nova Icon Unholy Nova is a very intuitive and simple Class Ability to use. When you cast it, it hurls the Unholy Nova at the target's current location. Upon landing, the nova explodes out, healing nearby allies and applying Unholy Transfusion Icon Unholy Transfusion to all nearby enemies. Unholy Transfusion will continue to damage the enemy targets, as well as heal any allies that damage the debuffed enemies.

It is important to keep in mind when using Unholy Nova Icon Unholy Nova that it will land where the target was when you cast it, so if the target is moving really fast at the time you cast, there is a chance it may miss. You should also try to cast Unholy Nova on a target that is near both allies and enemies to maximise both the initial Unholy Nova heal, as well as the Unholy Transfusion Icon Unholy Transfusion damage and healing.

While Unholy Transfusion Icon Unholy Transfusion does reliably heal people who attack these enemies, the healing they receive will be the same regardless of how many of the debuffed enemies they attack at once. It is a common misconception that Unholy Transfusion does significantly more healing to allies who are casting AoE spells, when in fact it does not.

The Signature Ability for Necrolord is Fleshcraft Icon Fleshcraft. Fleshcraft can be potentially difficult to use, due to having to fully channel it every few minutes. That said when you can find the time to channel it, the bonus shield it provides is worth the time it takes, and it will rarely go to waste due to the exceptionally long duration.

Necrolord players also get access to special perks in both the Plaguefall and Theater of Pain dungeons. In Plaguefall, using Fleshcraft Icon Fleshcraft on the corpses of dead slimes grants you a 3-minute aura which provides a buff to nearby allies. In Theatre of Pain, clicking a Necrolord banner grants you a 5-minute aura increasing the versatility and movement speed of nearby allies.


Necrolord Holy Priest Soulbinds

For Holy Priest, Necrolord has one standout Soulbind in Emeni. Until you have Emeni unlocked though, Bonesmith Heirmir offers the simplest early performance enhancement, with Plague Deviser Marileth being much more situational.

Emeni starts the tree off with a very strong primary stat bonus not just to yourself, but also some nearby allies each time you cast Unholy Nova Icon Unholy Nova. The rest of the traits are less interesting, with a small health bonus from Emeni's Magnificent Skin Icon Emeni's Magnificent Skin the only other notable node.

Bonesmith Heirmir immediately grants access to a small Intellect increase with Forgeborne Reveries Icon Forgeborne Reveries on the first row. Later down the tree, you choose between a second Potency Conduit slot or a small increase to Critical Strike.

Finally, Plague Deviser Marileth is the weakest Necrolord Soulbind with Volatile Solvent Icon Volatile Solvent being quite situational, and Ultimate Form Icon Ultimate Form retaining the same challenges as Fleshcraft Icon Fleshcraft in gaining full value.


Holy Priest Emeni Soulbind

Below is our chosen path and Conduits for this Soulbind:


Holy Priest Heirmir Soulbind

Below is our chosen path and Conduits for this Soulbind:


Holy Priest Marileth Soulbind

Below is our chosen path and Conduits for this Soulbind:


Night Fae Holy Priest Deep Dive

Fae Guardians Icon Fae Guardians has multiple parts to it:

When you initially cast Fae Guardians Icon Fae Guardians, you gain Guardian Faerie Icon Guardian Faerie and Benevolent Faerie Icon Benevolent Faerie on yourself, and if your target is an enemy, Wrathful Faerie Icon Wrathful Faerie will be cast on them. While the bonuses from the faerie's are where the power of the Covenant ability comes from, you should not let this prevent you from casting a life-saving heal on someone just because it might move a faerie from your intended target.

Guardian Faerie Icon Guardian Faerie will primarily be for your tank, however it can also be useful to have the damage reduction on any other targets taking significant damage, or on yourself if you need to survive a big hit.

Benevolent Faerie Icon Benevolent Faerie provides cooldown reduction for its duration for a major ability that varies by class or spec. Typically the best targets for this will be a DPS ally who can use the extra cooldown reduction to help end the encounter faster. There are also scenarios where using it on a healer (like yourself!) can be great to squeeze in an extra healing cooldown if the timings line up for specific mechanics in raid.

Wrathful Faerie Icon Wrathful Faerie gets applied to your current target if they are hostile, otherwise it needs to be applied using Shadow Word: Pain Icon Shadow Word: Pain, which you should always do as soon as possibly. The Faerie will then return a small amount of Mana to you as it takes damage for its duration.

Soulshape Icon Soulshape is the Signature Ability for Night Fae and provides a much needed movement increasing ability to our toolkit. Casting it blinks you forward a short distance and transforms you in Soulshape form where you move significantly faster for its duration. As long as you remain in Soulshape, a few seconds after the first blink, the ability will come off cooldown letting you blink again. Most healing and damage spells will break you out of Soulshape and once broken out you are unable to re-enter until the longer cooldown expires.

Night Faes also get access to special perks in both the Mists of Tirna Scithe and De Other Side dungeons. In Mists, a Night Fae can open a shortcut blocked by roots, open a mushroom grove blocked by roots which grants primary stat bonuses, and unlockable resurrection checkpoints after each boss. In De Other Side there are various Urns located throughout the dungeon which can be broken to stun all nearby enemies for a short period of time.


Night Fae Holy Priest Soulbinds

Night Fae has two really solid progression raiding Soulbinds in Dreamweaver and Niya, with some situational options in Korayn's tree. Going with the theme of the Fae Guardians Icon Fae Guardians Class Ability, many of the Soulbind traits also buff or impact your allies in a positive way despite not directly contributing to your own personal throughput.

Dreamweaver is the recommended Soulbind, starting with Podtender Icon Podtender which can help you recover from mistakes. As you work on the tree you will gain Empowered Chrysalis Icon Empowered Chrysalis, providing small shields to allies you overheal. Field of Blossoms Icon Field of Blossoms grants a substantial Haste increase when activating Fae Guardians Icon Fae Guardians.

Note about Podtender Icon Podtender: This trait will trigger before Spirit of Redemption Icon Spirit of Redemption meaning you still only get on activation of Spirit of Redemption per life.

Niya has some nice bonuses and is a great Soulbind to start off with. Grove Invigoration Icon Grove Invigoration grants a periodic health and Mastery increase which is amplified significantly upon casting Fae Guardians Icon Fae Guardians. Conveniently placed after the Potency Conduit slot is Run Without Tiring Icon Run Without Tiring which grants a small self-heal during Soulshape Icon Soulshape. Rounding out the tree is either another Potency Conduit slot or Niya's Tools: Herbs Icon Niya's Tools: Herbs which periodically buffs you and your allies with increased Haste for a few seconds.

Finally, Korayn has more situational traits, which can be more difficult to get proper use out of, such Wild Hunt Tactics Icon Wild Hunt Tactics, Face Your Foes Icon Face Your Foes and First Strike Icon First Strike. Many of the options make Korayn a viable option for solo content and Mythic+ with enhanced group movement speed, and bursts of damage and healing.


Holy Priest Dreamweaver Soulbind

Below is our chosen path and Conduits for this Soulbind:


Holy Priest Niya Soulbind

We suggest following this path, Conduit pick choice, and timing:

Note: Another competitive alternative to Niya's Tools: Herbs Icon Niya's Tools: Herbs is to take the Potency Conduit slot with Holy Oration Icon Holy Oration and then Niya's Tools: Poison Icon Niya's Tools: Poison despite the latter having no benefit to us.


Holy Priest Korayn Soulbind

We suggest following this path, Conduit pick choice, and timing:

Note: Another competitive alternative to Face Your Foes Icon Face Your Foes, especially for solo or Mythic+, is to take the Endurance Conduit slot and then First Strike Icon First Strike as you can gain increased uptime when there are new enemies to attack often.


Venthyr Holy Priest Deep Dive

Mindgames Icon Mindgames is a hard hitting, cheap damage spell which leaves a short debuff on the enemy. While the debuff is present on an enemy, instead of dealing damage to allies, the damage is absorbed and also heals the allied target. This effect persists until the debuff expires or is fully used up. Mindgames not only helps smooth out damage by preventing it being done, but also provides a small heal to those who would have ordinarily taken damage.

This ability should be cast frequently with a priority on targets that will be doing harm to you or one of your allies very soon. The healing effect generated by Mindgames Icon Mindgames also triggers Echo of Light Icon Echo of Light.

Door of Shadows Icon Door of Shadows is the Signature Ability which provides a long-range teleport with a short cast time. Due to the cast time, this is not something that is typically used in an emergency, and instead works much better if you can plan its usage ahead of time.

Venthyrs also get access to special perks in both the Sanguine Depths and Halls of Atonement dungeons. Sanguine Depths has Anima Cages which can be utilised to provide a healing and damage bonus to your group. Halls of Atonement allows Venthyr players to turn Loyal Stoneborn gargoyles friendly. These gargoyles will fight alongside your party for a short period of time then fly off.


Venthyr Holy Priest Soulbinds

Venthyr has 3 very solid Soulbind choices. Typically for both raid healing and Mythic+ healing, your first choice will be Theotar the Mad Duke. However if you already have that Soulbind setup for another spec the other two are also good options for Holy Priest.

General Draven has a strong ability in Service In Stone Icon Service In Stone. Service In Stone provides a small increase in survivability and also has some synergy with the X'anshi, Return of Archbishop Benedictus Icon X'anshi, Return of Archbishop Benedictus Legendary Power. Move As One Icon Move As One all but ensures that you have 30% extra movement speed bonus whenever group movement is needed. Hold Your Ground Icon Hold Your Ground is the icing on the cake; not only does it also boost your survivability and healing whenever you are able to stand still for 4 seconds, ensuring a very high uptime, but it is also unlocked through the second Potency Conduit slot for the tree.

Theotar the Mad Duke is the best Venthyr Soulbind, overall. It opens up with a fantastic trait: Soothing Shade Icon Soothing Shade, granting a large amount of Mastery for its duration (providing you can remain underneath it for its full duration). Token of Appreciation Icon Token of Appreciation can be very strong and also provides a Potency Conduit slot.

Finally, Nadjia the Mistblade is a great all-rounder Soulbind due to the flexibility of its many of her powers. Thrill Seeker Icon Thrill Seeker provides small throughput bursts periodically, Dauntless Duelist Icon Dauntless Duelist is great while soloing, Familiar Predicaments Icon Familiar Predicaments is one of the best PvP powers, and Exacting Preparation Icon Exacting Preparation provides a big throughput boost that is useful on all types of content.


Holy Priest Draven Soulbind

Below is our chosen path and Conduits for this Soulbind:


Holy Priest Theotar Soulbind

Below is our chosen path and Conduits for this Soulbind:


Holy Priest Nadjia Soulbind

Below is our chosen path and Conduits for this Soulbind:



  • 25 Oct. 2022: Updated for Dragonflight pre-patch.
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