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Holy Paladin in Battle for Azeroth (BfA)

Last updated on May 29, 2018 at 00:00 by Adamselene 146 comments

Table of Contents

General Information

On this page, you will find information on how to play your Holy Paladin in Battle for Azeroth. Because the new expansion is still in beta, this guide is simply here to help you perform better in the beta or to give you a sneak peek into what the new expansion has in store for your class.

The other pages of our Holy Paladin guide can be accessed from the table of contents on the right.

About Our Author

This guide has been written by Holy Paladin Theorycrafter Adamselene. He currently raids with War Front of Aerie Peak-US. You can find him on the Hammer of Wrath class Discord and the most up to date version of “The Light and How to Swing It” — the spreadsheet he maintains with Rhyno — can be found here.

1. Foreword

This page is an overview of the changes to Holy Paladins in Battle for Azeroth. It is intended to inform those unaware of the changes. It is also designed to help players trying to choose a healing specialization for the coming expansion. It may be helpful to read our Legion Holy Paladin Guide if you are unfamiliar with the specialization.

Holy Paladin has received a few major changes and many small ones in Battle for Azeroth. This page will review:

  1. baseline changes;
  2. talent changes;
  3. Paladin-specific Azerite Traits;
  4. the global cooldown changes;
  5. what these changes mean for Holy Paladin gameplay in Battle for Azeroth.

Please keep in mind that Battle for Azeroth is still in development and some of this information may change prior to the release of the expansion.

2. Holy Paladin Changes in Battle for Azeroth

The baseline changes to Holy Paladin in Battle for Azeroth are:

  • All bonuses from Legion's artifact weapon traits will no longer work.
  • Holy Shock Icon Holy Shock has +25% increased chance to critically strike instead of double your current Critical Strike chance.
  • Infusion of Light Icon Infusion of Light increases Flash of Light Icon Flash of Light's healing by 40% (was 50%).
  • The Mana returned for casting Holy Light Icon Holy Light or Flash of Light Icon Flash of Light on your Beacon of Light Icon Beacon of Light was reduced from 30% of the spell cost to 20% of spell cost.
  • The 15% extra health granted by Righteousness Icon Righteousness has been removed.
  • Avenging Wrath Icon Avenging Wrath now increases your healing done and Critical Strike chance by 30% (was 35% increased healing and 20% increased Critical Strike chance).
  • Judgment Icon Judgment now increases the damage of the next Crusader Strike Icon Crusader Strike or Holy Shock Icon Holy Shock by 30% if cast in the next 6 seconds, rather than affecting all Crusader Strikes or Holy Shocks in the next 6 seconds.
  • Blessing of Sacrifice Icon Blessing of Sacrifice transfers 30% of damage taken by the target to the Paladin, but now reduces the damage taken by the Paladin by 25%.
  • Divine Steed Icon Divine Steed's cooldown was increased from 45 seconds to one minute.
  • The power of most spells has been adjusted.

3. Holy Paladin Talents in Battle for Azeroth

BfA Holy Paladin Talent Tree

Holy Paladins are losing two talents, Fervent Martyr Icon Fervent Martyr and Beacon of the Lightbringer Icon Beacon of the Lightbringer. The new talents being added in Battle for Azeroth are Awakening Icon Awakening and Avenging Crusader Icon Avenging Crusader. In addition, some talents have changed places and Aura of Sacrifice Icon Aura of Sacrifice has been re-designed. If a talent or row of talents is not discussed below then it is unchanged from Legion.

3.1. Level 15

These three talents have changed positions within this row. They are otherwise unchanged from Legion.

3.2. Level 60

The passive effect of Aura of Sacrifice Icon Aura of Sacrifice is unchanged. However, the active effect was changed substantially. It no longer transfers healing done to those in range. Rather, it will redirect 30% of all damage taken by all players in range to the Paladin. It reduces this damage by 75%. If the Paladin drops below 75% health the effect is canceled.

Aura of Mercy Icon Aura of Mercy's passive healing now ticks once every two seconds rather than once per second.

3.3. Level 75

Judgment of Light Icon Judgment of Light has changed talent rows and moved here in place of Divine Purpose Icon Divine Purpose. In addition, the number of charges of Judgment of Light has been reduced from 40 to 25.

3.4. Level 90

The level 90 talent row has seen the most substantial changes, beginning with the removal of Fervent Martyr Icon Fervent Martyr previously mentioned. Sanctified Wrath Icon Sanctified Wrath has changed positions, but functions the same as in Legion.

Avenging Crusader Icon Avenging Crusader was a PvP talent in Legion that has been added to the PvE talent tree in Battle for Azeroth. Avenging Crusader replaces Avenging Wrath Icon Avenging Wrath. When Avenging Crusader is active, your Judgment Icon Judgment and Crusader Strike Icon Crusader Strike damage will pick 3 random injured targets within 40 yards and heal them for 250% of the damage dealt each. This healing also transfers to players with your beacons. In addition, Avenging Crusader reduces the cooldowns of Judgment and Crusader Strike by 30% (this is not reflected in their tooltips) and increases melee damage by 30%. Regular melee damage does not heal.

Awakening Icon Awakening converts a Legion legendary effect (The Topless Tower Icon The Topless Tower) into a talent. Each cast of Light of Dawn Icon Light of Dawn has a 15% chance to trigger Avenging Wrath Icon Avenging Wrath for 10 seconds. If Avenging Wrath is currently active, it will extend the duration by 10 seconds.

3.5. Level 100

Beacon of the Lightbringer Icon Beacon of the Lightbringer was removed as a talent in Battle for Azeroth. Divine Purpose Icon Divine Purpose has been moved to this row instead. In addition, the chance to trigger Divine Purpose has been increased from 15% to 20%.

Beacon of Faith Icon Beacon of Faith has moved positions within this row. In addition, the amount of healing transferred to each beacon target has been reduced from 80% of the original single beacon amount to 70% of that amount.

4. Azerite Traits for Holy Paladins

Azerite gear is being added to World of Warcraft in Battle for Azeroth. This gear will not have any secondary stats, such as Haste or Mastery. Instead, it will have bonuses that can be unlocked by gathering Artifact Power. Many are not specific to one class or specialization. However, there are some designed for each class. Below is a list of Azerite traits available only to Paladins that Holy Paladins may find useful.

Please keep in mind that Blizzard is still adding and removing Azerite traits with each new Beta build. While we have attempted to make this list comprehensive it may change by the final release version of Battle for Azeroth.

5. Holy Paladin & The Global Cooldown in BfA

Most abilities in World of Warcraft trigger what is known as the "global cooldown" — a short time period when other abilities can not be used. Some abilities, particularly defensive abilities and cooldowns, were made exceptions to this general rule. These exceptions were referred to as "off the global cooldown".

Some abilities that were previously "off the global cooldown" in Legion now trigger it in Battle for Azeroth. This has large implications for classes that prefer to use multiple cooldowns simultaneously. This is not usually the case for healers, but there are some situations where we need to do so.

The abilities added to the global cooldown for Holy Paladins are:

Some of the duration of these abilities will be used up by the global cooldown. However, the re-design of Aura of Sacrifice Icon Aura of Sacrifice makes this change less harmful to Holy Paladins than it would have been in Legion.

6. Gameplay Changes in Battle for Azeroth for Holy Paladin

What do all of these changes mean for Holy Paladins in practice? The result is a healer that retains a single target focus and provides large amounts of passive healing through its beacons. However, due to spellpower changes, a greater emphasis is placed on casting Holy Light Icon Holy Light. Combined with a lower Critical Strike chance on Holy Shock Icon Holy Shock, the playstyle will undoubtedly feel slower to someone used to Holy Paladin in patch 7.3.5.

The other major gameplay change is centered around the new talent, Avenging Crusader Icon Avenging Crusader. It encourages Holy Paladins to play in melee range even more than Mastery: Lightbringer Icon Mastery: Lightbringer alone and puts an emphasis on doing damage during your major healing cooldown. Many players like the damage-to-healing conversion of this talent, while others are frustrated by the their inability to control who is healed by Avenging Crusader.

The Azerite traits are interesting additions, but do not alter the fundamental playstyle of Holy Paladins. The specialization will remain a melee-focused, Mana-efficient, single target/tank healer, that can deal damage to heal the party or raid using its largest cooldown.

7. ChangeLog

  • 29 May 2018: Made a few fixes.
    • Corrected many tooltips to the Holy-specific versions.
    • Adjusted listed Azerite Trait values from level 110 to 120.
    • Also corrected the stated bonus from Infusion of Light.
  • 28 May 2018: Page Added.
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