Windwalker Monk PvP Best Covenants, Soulbinds, Conduits, and Legendary Powers (Shadowlands / 9.1)

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On this page, you will find information about which Covenant you should be unlocking. After choosing your Covenant, you will have to unlock your best Soulbind and collect Conduits. This page will outline which of these is the best, including the correct Soulbind path you should choose. Finally, we will tell you which Legendary Powers are the best to have for PvP and in which situations you should be swapping them.

This page is part of our Windwalker Monk PvP Guide.


Best Covenant for Windwalker Monks in PvP

For more information about what Covenants bring you, please refer to our page about Covenant abilities for Monks.

It is important to choose the correct Covenant, as it has many impacts on your gameplay. Your Covenant will give you both a Covenant ability and a class ability. The next choice you have will be Soulbinds and Conduits. All of these are Covenant-specific and they are different based on which you choose. Here are the best Covenants for Windwalker Monk.

  1. Kyrian is the best Covenant you can choose. This gives you strong abilities that increase your Mastery and give you additional self-healing.
  2. Venthyr is another strong Covenant that can be chosen. This gives you more crowd control and a reduction of roots/snows on you. However, the class ability is a very long cooldown and the Soulbinds do not offer any increases to your survivability.

Best Soulbinds for Windwalker Monks in PvP

Soulbinds are unlocked as you progress your character with a Covenant. These unlock powerful paths that can be taken to give you powerful spells, important passives, etc. Here is the Soulbind and path you should take if you chose Kyrian and want to do more damage:

At the end of this path, you will have gained an important passive, Let Go of the Past Icon Let Go of the Past. This works perfectly with Windwalker's Mastery, Mastery: Combo Strikes Icon Mastery: Combo Strikes.

If you feel like you are going to be the main target for the other team, it is a good idea to play a more defensive Soulbind:

This is an extremely defensive Soulbind, but you are still able to use your best Potency Conduits. This path gives you strong passives, such as Forgelite Filter Icon Forgelite Filter, Sparkling Driftglobe Core Icon Sparkling Driftglobe Core, and Reactive Retrofitting Icon Reactive Retrofitting.


Best Conduits for Windwalker Monks in PvP

Conduits are what allow you to open certain paths in your Soulbind Tree. These are passives that buff some of your abilities. There are three "schools" of Conduits: Potency, Endurance, and Finesse. Here are the best Conduits for each of those different types:


Best Potency Conduits for Windwalker Monks in PvP

  1. Strike with Clarity Icon Strike with Clarity makes your already strong Covenant Ability even stronger. This will increase your damage output when Weapons of Order Icon Weapons of Order is active even higher.
  2. Coordinated Offensive Icon Coordinated Offensive is another great Potency Conduit, as this increases the damage of your burst cooldown. This is important to have to increase your overall damage output.
  3. Calculated Strikes Icon Calculated Strikes is a good Potency Conduit that increases the damage bonus from Spinning Crane Kick Icon Spinning Crane Kick. This is an overall large increase to your damage output.

Best Endurance Conduits for Windwalker Monks in PvP

  1. Fortifying Ingredients Icon Fortifying Ingredients gives you a shield when you use Fortifying Brew Icon Fortifying Brew. This is crucial for increasing your survivability.
  2. Harm Denial Icon Harm Denial increases your overall healing output with Expel Harm Icon Expel Harm.
  3. Grounding Breath Icon Grounding Breath is another good choice for when teams focus you.

Best Finesse Conduits for Windwalker Monks in PvP

  1. Lingering Numbness Icon Lingering Numbness is great for slowing enemies that you used Paralysis Icon Paralysis on.
  2. Dizzying Tumble Icon Dizzying Tumble is also useful for when you have to use Leg Sweep Icon Leg Sweep to stun enemies who are targeting you.

Best Legendaries for Windwalker Monks in PvP

Legendaries have many different effects and some can alter how you should use some of your abilities. For more information on Legendaries, check out our general guide on them.

Here are the Legendaries that are best to use for a Windwalker Monk.

  1. Invoker's Delight Icon Invoker's Delight is the best Legendary for Windwalker Monks. This Legendary gives you a massive Haste boost after using your celestial. This, in combination with the Kyrian spell Weapons of Order Icon Weapons of Order, gives you a massive burst window that most teams will not be able to survive.
  2. If you want another reliable way to deal burst damage, Call to Arms! Icon Call to Arms! is another great Legendary that gives you access to Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger Icon Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger. If you find yourself getting shutdown easily when you use Xuen, use this Legendary to deal even more burst damage.
  3. Keefer's Skyreach Icon Keefer's Skyreach is another good legendary for Windwalker Monks. This increases your already strong burst damage and works well with Alpha Tiger Icon Alpha Tiger. Before using your burst rotation on an enemy, hit them with a Tiger Palm Icon Tiger Palm so you get the bonus Critical Strike.
  4. Sephuz's Proclamation Icon Sephuz's Proclamation is also a legendary that will find play. This reduces the duration of incoming crowd control and increases your secondary stats. The reason why this is not the best is because this effect can only occur once every 30 seconds.


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