Feral Druid Best Corruptions and Corrupted Items — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.3

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On this page, you will learn what the best corruptions and the best corrupted items are for a Feral Druid in World of Warcraft — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.3. We also tell you how to handle corruption effects.

Corruption is a new Patch 8.3 feature (see our guide on Corrupted Items). It replaces Warforging and Titanforging for all gear in the patch. It gives items a type of affix, as well as an amount of Corruption. Corruption is a stat that negatively impacts your character the more of it that you have, but the more Corruption you have, the more powerful the affixes will be. Some Affixes are a lot more powerful than others, and you can see a guideline ranking for them below.


What Corruption Powers to Buy for Feral Druids

Echoes of Ny`alotha can now be used to buy specific corruption powers from MOTHER, in the Chamber of the Heart in Silithus.

This allows you to optimize the corruptions on your gear without any RNG involved, as long as you have enough Echoes to buy the corruptions you need.

You can learn all about this new system in our specialized guide for Echoes of Ny'alotha below.

For Feral Druid, a lot of the strongest options lie in solely stat related boosts, as there is very little room to boost up the frequency of procs due to the low value of Haste and the high value of Critical Strike for cycling resources.

  • Severe Icon Severe — Consistently the strongest option, in particular due to the synergy with Jungle Fury Icon Jungle Fury.
  • Strikethrough Icon Strikethrough — Alternative, but weaker option. This can see extra use if you have enough Critical Strike to reach 100% during Tiger's Fury Icon Tiger's Fury/Blood of the Enemy Icon Blood of the Enemy windows.
  • Gushing Wound Icon Gushing Wound — Even following the 35% nerf this will still be a relevant option in both single target and cleave, but not as dominant as before.
  • Twilight Devastation Icon Twilight Devastation — As with many specs this has innate power for random burst AoE (especially in M+), so can find use - but not a lock in choice, so buy this only if you know the content you intend to do will require that.

Bear in mind as well that in a lot of raid encounters Devour Vitality Icon Devour Vitality is still an exceedingly strong corruption effect, so you will need to budget your items around keeping this on.


How Much Corruption Should I Run as a Feral Druid?

Generally speaking, anything below 40 is considered safe and can be used in almost all situations. At low Corruption values, it is quite simple to move out of the Eye of Corruption, but some encounters require you to have very static positioning. You will be taking a lot of extra damage in these situations.

That being said, Feral does have a number of tools that allow it to deal with Thing From Beyond if you choose to go above 40 and are comfortable dealing with them.

We do not recommend ever running above 60 Corruption in any kind of serious content however as the added danger when multiple adds spawn is too high.


Tips for Dealing With Corruption Effects

Once your Legendary Cloak, Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve Icon Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve, reaches Rank 6, it will gain a special on-use effect that clears all Corruption effects from you. Use this as a last resort to get rid of an unwanted Thing from Beyond or when you get multiple Eyes of Corruption within quick succession. The damage you take from these can stack up quickly when the stack gets refreshed.

  • Using any Shapeshift such as Cat Form Icon Cat Form or Bear Form Icon Bear Form removes the Grasping Tendril slow and has no cooldown, so allows you to deal with this at all times without much inconvenience.
  • The Eye of Corruption that spawns from Eye of Corruption Icon Eye of Corruption can be dealt with by just repositioning. Feral also has an easier time due to using Balance Affinity Icon Balance Affinity, allowing them even more breathing room around a hitbox.
  • Feral has a number of options to deal with the Thing From Beyond that spawns from Grand Delusions Icon Grand Delusions. If your corruption is this high, taking Mighty Bash Icon Mighty Bash is recommended, although Typhoon Icon Typhoon can keep it at bay. Failing that you can also sacrifice damage and use Maim Icon Maim, or can use your Predatory Swiftness Icon Predatory Swiftness effect to cast Entangling Roots Icon Entangling Roots, keeping it out of range until it despawns.

All of the tools we have to deal with Thing From Beyond spawns also come with a cooldown however, so bear that in mind especially if multiple spawn in quick succession. Due to the number of tools available, up to 59 is still a realistic threshold if you are comfortable, but never go above 60 to avoid Cascading Disaster Icon Cascading Disaster.


Picking Feral Druid Corruption Items

The best way to determine which of your Corrupted items to use, is by using Raidbots Top Gear. You should set a maximum Corruption value that you are comfortable with, and simply simulate the highest DPS set.

Below we will have some guidance to help you pick effects, but ultimately it comes down to the amount of Corruption the item has versus the DPS it gives you (DPS per Corruption point), and how much Corruption you are willing to have on your gear.

Gushing Wound Icon Gushing Wound only has 1 tier, but it is the best DPS per corruption on pure single-target. Due to its low budget it is also very easy to fit into most gear setups, making it a strong pick as a proc effect. Note the damage is scaled from item level however, so the piece it is on does matter.

Infinite Stars Icon Infinite Stars often sims quite high in single-target, but Feral has little in the way of amplification to it via Hasted proc rates. Due to its issues when secondary targets enter encounters as well, it is generally recommended to avoid this.

Severe Icon Severe is the ideal secondary amplification due to the amount of bulk Crit Feral gets from Jungle Fury Icon Jungle Fury, gaining even more Crit and resource generation for free.

Strikethrough Icon Strikethrough is also a reasonable amplification alternative due to the high Crit stacking Feral aims for, especially if you already have other Severe pieces equipped.

Twilight Devastation Icon Twilight Devastation is a solid Mythic+ option and will boost your AoE, although is inconsistent due to its proc rate. It is very frontloaded, so expect damage to swing up and down between packs while using this.


Corruption Weapon for Feral Druid

  • An'zig Vra Icon An'zig Vra is the Ny'alotha Corruption Weapon for Feral Druids. It comes with the Devour Vitality Icon Devour Vitality Corruption Affix, which causes your auto attacks to have a 25% chance to deal 2% of your Maximum Health to your target, and Heal for the same amount. This provides a very strong single-target boost though does not scale up at all on multiple targets, so while good and easier to access than other RNG Corruption effects, can be somewhat niche.
  • Qwor N'lyeth Icon Qwor N'lyeth also guarantees a chance at getting access to Echoing Void Icon Echoing Void. Unfortunately after this is nerfed this is not very desirable, and should be avoided.

Corruption Effects Simulations

There are 2 types of simulations that can be done for the Corruption effects, namely: DPS per point of Corruption, and DPS per effect. Generally speaking, DPS per point of Corruption is more important than DPS per total effect, since you only have a limited amount of Corruption you can comfortably use in a raid setting. Below, we have listed both types of simulations:


Single-Target DPS per Point of Corruption

For the complete simulation results, check out Bloodmallet.com

Single-Target DPS per Effect

For the complete simulation results, check out Bloodmallet.com

AoE DPS per Point of Corruption

For the complete simulation results, check out Bloodmallet.com

AoE DPS per Effect

For the complete simulation results, check out Bloodmallet.com


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