Mistweaver Monk Best Corruptions and Corrupted Items — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.3

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On this page, you will learn what the best corruptions and the best corrupted items are for a Mistweaver Monk in World of Warcraft — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.3. We also tell you how to handle corruption effects.



Corruption is a new Patch 8.3 feature (see our guide on Corrupted Items). It replaces Warforging and Titanforging for all gear in the patch. It gives items a type of affix, as well as an amount of Corruption. Corruption is a stat that negatively impacts your character the more of it that you have, but the more Corruption you have, the more powerful the affixes will be. Some Affixes are a lot more powerful than others, and you can see a guideline ranking for them below.


What Corruption to buy for Mistweaver Monks

Echoes of Ny'alotha can now be used to buy specific Corruption powers from MOTHER, in the Chamber of the Heart in Silithus.

This allows you to optimize the Corruptions on your gear without any RNG involved, as long as you have enough Echoes to buy the Corruptions you need.

You can learn all about this new system in our specialized guide for Echoes of Ny'alotha below.

For Mistweaver Monk, you want to stack as many Severe Icon Severe powers as you can, while making sure to pick up a lot of gear with Critical Strike on it.

One of the downsides of this gearing strategy is that it does not synergize very well with Secret Infusion Icon Secret Infusion, as we do not often cast Enveloping Mist Icon Enveloping Mist with Thunder Focus Tea Icon Thunder Focus Tea. In light of that, you may find it preferable to stack Versatile Icon Versatile, as you can easily proc a large Versatility buff from Rising Sun Kick Icon Rising Sun Kick. However, static Versatility is less common on gear, our neck and cloak being completely devoid of it.

Personally, we would recommend stacking Critical Strike, but there are logs of both gearing strategies performing well


Best Corruptions for Mistweaver Monk

  • Severe Icon Severe passively increases the Critical Strike you gain from all sources.
  • Deadly Momentum Icon Deadly Momentum provides a stacking Critical Strike buff that has effectively 100% uptime.

Corruption Weapon for Mistweaver Monk

Mar'kowa, the Mindpiercer Icon Mar'kowa, the Mindpiercer is the Ny'alotha Corruption Weapon for Mistweaver Monks. It comes with the Flash of Insight Icon Flash of Insight Corruption Affix, which passively increases your Intellect by between 1-8%. If your Corruption budget allows for this, it is a solid pick up, however, you should not drop Ineffable Truth Icon Ineffable Truth or any Expedient Icon Expedient pieces to equip it.


Tips for Dealing With Corruption Effects

Your Legendary Cloak, Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve Icon Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve, will have a special on-use effect that clears all Corruption effects from you. This should be used if you get hit by a Thing From Beyond while above 60 Corruption. Otherwise, use it whenever you are in a very sticky situation, such as being slowed inside a voidzone. You should also use it if you are meant to be stacked with your group, and you get an Eye of Corruption on you.


How Much Corruption Should I Run As A Mistweaver Monk?

Anything under 40 Corruption is widely considered a safe play for all content. While it is possible to go up to 59, we would caution against this. Mistweaver might seem like we have many tools to handle Thing from Beyond spawns, but in practice, they spawn too frequently and are too dangerous to be worth it.



  • 24 May 2020: Added corruption vendor and changed corruption recommendations to reflect the Rising Mist nerf.
  • 04 Apr. 2020: Added page.
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